Meet Sacramento Face Painter, Orange!


My name is Orange.  Thank you for visiting my site! 

I have always been creative, but I never knew I could paint untiI I went to a friend's birthday party and had my face painted.

It was so magical an experience that it inspired me to learn this art form. As I practiced and improved my skills, my family and friends started to take notice and began to request my face painting talent for parties, carnivals, or just for fun.


What began as a hobby soon turned into. . .   Happyface Magic!


Now I get to create magical experiences for other people!


It always amazes me how much excitement, fun, and happiness that I can bring to people with my brushes and palettes of color.

Children and adults alike light up when they see themselves or their loved ones transformed in the mirror, and I love seeing that every time!

I am amazed at all the joy and excitement facepainting brings to children of all ages,  and that is why I do it. 


I am a child at heart!

I look forward to sharing this experience with you at your next party or event.

- Orange


Happyface Magic

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